The shape of the job-market is changing rapidly, with remote work becoming the standard around the world and AI steering our work to become more and more task-centered. Effect Network is the platform for the future-of-work: it allows anyone to easily access the world's diverse talent. Our mission is to provide workers with a fair and vibrant online workspace, while offering companies the best solution for a human-in-the-loop and outsourcing repetitive tasks.

Why participate? 
When you build a solution that operates on the Effect Network, you're providing opportunities for individuals across the globe to access paid work, with a meaningful income, at any time and from anywhere.

Join our first hackathon by creating an innovative product using our workforce. Developers of all skill levels will be able to use our software development kit to build decentralized apps that can post and complete tasks on the network. There are endless possibilities. Although the developer tools are still in beta, there is a lot to learn and a lot to win, with over $55k in prizes!

What is Effect Network? 
Effect Network is the first blockchain-based framework for the future-of-work. People, from all across the globe earn our native token EFX while completing tasks on the blockchain. Businesses, teams, governments, and institutions use Effect Network to access a global, on-demand workforce for all their automation and data structuring needs.

Hackathons are as much about learning as about building. Participants are encouraged to attend our presentations from industry experts on building the future of work:

11/23 2 PM CET Chris Dawe Kick off
11/24 3-5 PM CET Laurens Verspeek Effect SDK Workshop
11/25 3-5 PM CET Jesse Eisses Building on Effect Network
11/26 2:30-4:30 PM CET Chris Dawe How to Perfect a Pitch
11/26 5-7 PM CET Rochelle Trevarrow Curating Your Workforce
11/27 to 12/6 2:30-4:30 PM CET Daily Office Hours Access live help with the development team. 
*More events may be added,    

Register below and secure your spot to help build the #FutureOfWork


What to submit:
  • A 3-minute video demonstration of the application uploaded to YouTube and made public with the hashtags #EffectNetworkHackathon and #FutureOfWork
  • Source code submitted to GitHub that uses the Effect SDK and includes a readme with details for deployment or operation.
  • A campaign with template on the Effect Force testnet
  • A user interface, either functioning or designed


Hackathon Sponsors


$57,500 in prizes

Effect Network - 1st Place - $16,000

$8,000 in USDT and $8,000 in EFX calculated at the time of winner announcement.

Effect Network - 2nd Place - $10,000

$5,000 in USDT and $5,000 in EFX calculated at time of winner announcement.

Effect Network - 3rd Place- $5,000

$2,500 in USDT and $2,500 in EFX calculated at time of winner announcement.

Effect DAO - 1st Place- $8,000

$8,000 in EFX calculated at time of winner announcement.

Winners are selected by votes of the Guardians of the Effect DAO.

Effect DAO - 2nd Place- $6,000

$6,000 in EFX calculated at time of winner announcement.

Winners are selected by votes of the Guardians of the Effect DAO.

Effect DAO - Promising Projects Prize - $2,500 (5)

$2,500 in EFX calculated at time of winner announcement.

The projects ranked 3rd until 7th in the DAO vote results will receive this prize to realize their project on Effect Network.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Chris Dawe

Chris Dawe

Jesse Eisses

Jesse Eisses

Laurens Verspeek

Laurens Verspeek



Olivier Rikken

Olivier Rikken
Founder at Emerging Horizons

Sebastiaan van der Lans

Sebastiaan van der Lans
Founder at WordProof

Judging Criteria

  • Technology
    Does the application integrate well with the Effect SDK and is the software working well?
  • Human Workforce
    Is the Effect WorkForce used in a smart way, and does it offer learning opportunities, and potential for high earning?
  • Design
    Does the application have a thoughtfully planned out interface?
  • Impact/Scalability
    Does the application solve an issue or streamlines a process, and is it scalable?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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